PowerTube Handbuch - PowerTube Manual englisch

PowerTube Manual englisch

Buy the manual for using the PowerTube Gold and PowerTube Silver devices online in the shop ...mehr


information on how to start and for reference ...mehr


Free when ordering one of the devices: When ...mehr




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PowerTube Manual englisch

Buy the manual for using the PowerTube Gold and PowerTube Silver devices online in the shop


information on how to start and for reference


Free when ordering one of the devices: When ordering the product PowerTube Gold, PowerTube Silver, PowerTube practice set, you will automatically receive this product free of charge.

Right of return - You can return this product within 14 days.


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PowerTube Manual

The PowerTube manual "QuickZap and powertube" together with the PowerTube DVD "powertube" is included with every order of a PowerTube device. The manual describes the functions and possible uses of the PowerTube devices on 69 pages. Frequently asked questions are also summarized as well as numerous images with application examples.

The table of contents consists of the following categories:

  • introduction
  • Important general information about the devices
  • Power QuickZap
  • PowerTube
  • Control panel with function
  • operating instructions
  • the most common questions
  • Health in a nutshell, The power points
  • The treatment of animals

Contents of the PowerTube manual "QuickZap and powertube"

The following is an overview of the areas that you will be informed about in the PowerTube manual. All important / necessary functions are explained here. These are usually completely sufficient for independent use with the therapy devices PowerTube Gold, PowerTube Silver, Power QuickZap. Personal advice is only necessary for specific questions. These are available daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on: 040 23 84 47 81.

Important general information about the devices

Notes on:

  • instructions for use
  • Battery: Remove battery, insert battery, close battery compartment with battery compartment cover
  • cleaning
  • Storage and care of the device and cable
  • Note operation

PowerTube and Power QuickZap

A picture of both devices with a description of the individual components:

PowerTube and Power QuickZap:

Control panel of the devices

Description of the control panel and explanation of the individual control panels:

1. GO button: On / Off / Start
2. Time setting button: level 17
3. Therapy duration display in minutes: levels 17
4. Program sequence in steps: Step 13
5. Warning function when battery end is approaching

Description of the function of the individual control panels

Only two buttons have to be operated on the device. The rest are only used to check whether the device is doing what you have set.

Buttons to operate: GO and time setting

  • Device start by pressing the GO button
  • Select therapy time Level 17 (1 is always preset) Press each button, jump up one level
  • Start therapy by pressing the GO button again
  • 1 beep sounds after a therapy level has elapsed, double beep at the end of therapy
  • End of therapy: Either switch off the device or continue therapy

operating instructions

Explanation and function of the hand electrodes

  • Connecting the cables to the devices and the hand electrodes
  • List of important therapy instructions
  • Instructions for treatment with the devices
  • Instructions for basic treatment / for flooding separately according to Power QuickZap and PowerTube with example illustrations and showing the respective energy flow
  • Notes on local application separated into Power QuickZap and PowerTube with example
  • illustrations Presentation of the rosary application

The most frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions with corresponding answers, some with sample images for better understanding.

Otherwise you can also contact us with your questions. Contact : 040 23 84 47 81.

The power points

This includes, among other things:

  • Notes and brief description of various therapy points
  • References to the therapy book by Peter Laatsch about the PowerTube application of acupuncture points
  • Description of the midline meridians
  • Application jaws and teeth
  • Application carotid artery
  • ear acupuncture
  • foot reflex zones
  • Description Power points 1 18 with pictures and brief explanation

The treatment of animals

Description of the PowerTube application in animals. It can also be used on small pets such as cats, but also on large animals such as horses. Many pertinent references as well as numerous example pictures.

Presentation of the DVD

At the end there is a presentation of the PowerTube DVD and there is an area for notes.

PowerTube TENS Geräte

PowerTube - TENS Frequenzgeräte in den Varianten PowerTube Gold und PowerTube Silber - mit der Technologie des Power QuickZap von Martin Frischknecht / Swisspowertube AG hier online im Shop als PowerTube Neugeräte oder günstig als PowerTube Gebrauchtgeräte kaufen oder ab sofort auch als PowerTube Mietgeräte.

Zuverlässig, kompetent, unkonventionell - täglich telefonische PowerTube Beratung - 040 23 84 47 81 

Klicken Sie den Button und Sie gelangen zu den PowerTube Miet-Geräten und den Testbedingungen.